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Gay black porn video
Video Description - Two coaches tag team a cute jock
Featured Models - Kyle Quinn, Race Cooper and David Anthony
Popularity - Viewed 40902 times
As requested Kyle Quinn reports to the locker room after class, where coach Race Cooper is waiting to take his measurements. "You're gonna show me if you have what it takes to make it on the team." Kyle begins undressing but can't help notice the bulge in his coaches pants. "Coach, are you getting.. hard?" Nervous but ready to please, Kyle takes his cock out and looks to his coach for approval...
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Video Description - Black stud stretches a tight asshole
Featured Models - Jonathan Cole and Izzy James
Popularity - Viewed 32601 times
When Jonathan Cole's car broke down on the way home he figured it was just another malay to complete an extremely bad day. However, when Izzy James stopped and offered him some help it looked like his day could be getting better. Then when Izzy revealed his enormous black cock Jonathan knew his day was about to get much, much better.
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Video Description - Young man enjoys an enormous black cock
Featured Models - Izzy James and Alec Grey
Popularity - Viewed 19686 times
Alec Grey was having a really bad day, he went to the park with his friends but they ditched him and left him stranded at the park. Luckily for Alec, Izzy James was on the hunt and came across the obviously depressed young man and offered to cheer him up. Curious Alec asks how he is going to do that, Izzy points to his enormous bulge. Alec's eyes grow wide before he eagerly nods his accent.
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Video Description - Castro fucks an excited latino boy
Featured Models - Castro Supreme
Popularity - Viewed 19410 times
So the other day we got an excited phone call from this latin guy, turns out he had seen our site and wanted to take on Castro's monster cock. We organized to meet him in town and took him back to our apartment to see if he could handle the supreme. Castro really put this latino boy through a nice sweet hurting...
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Video Description - Hunky black man wakes his partner for sex
Featured Models - Tyrese Hunter and Jay Stone
Popularity - Viewed 19191 times
When sexy hunk Tyrese Hunter wakes up next to the adorable Jay Stone he's got one thing on his mind. Drain those aching balls of his. And Jay is all too happy to help him out. Jay starts by taking his enormous cock deep into his throat, working his tongue around the shaft in between swallows...
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Video Description - Strong black man fucks a white stud
Featured Models - Diesel Washington and Marxel Rios
Popularity - Viewed 18182 times
Diesel Washington is back in the house this week and the only one happier to see Diesel is this week's costar Marxel Rios. For those of you unfamiliar with Diesel, Diesel is forty one and originally from New York. Diesel's had a successful career in the industry and even though the role he usually plays is that of a big tough top he's really just a comic loving softy...
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Video Description - Black hunk with a big cock fucking a white ass
Featured Models - Diesel Washington and Kain Warn
Popularity - Viewed 17708 times
Kain undoes Diesel's jeans as Diesel's growing meat lands in Kain's mouth. "Stick that tongue out", Diesel orders, as he feeds him his big dick. Kain braces for it as Diesel starts to shove his big cock inside his spit-soaked ass. All Kain can do is grunt as Diesel coaxes him as his ass starts to give way. “That's what I've been looking for”, sighs Diesel as his meat slowly starts to get easier access. He starts fucking Kain faster and...
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Video Description - English lad enjoys a huge black cock
Featured Models - Seth Roberts and Billy Rogers
Popularity - Viewed 17604 times
When Seth Roberts, a skinny white boy, teams up with Billy Rogers, an extremely well hung black dude, the result is one hell of a hot scene. They begin the action by slowly exploring their bodies with their tongues until Seth can't wait any longer. Reaching towards Billy's crotch he pulls out his immensely thick dick and start working his mouth around the shaft...
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Video Description - Sucking on a monster cock under a stormy sky
Featured Models - Castro and J.J.
Popularity - Viewed 17596 times
As we all know, Castro's cock is massive and in today's update he really gives this eager young guy an asshole punishment he won't soon forget. JJ is a youngster who always had a fantasy of a big black cock getting shoved up his crack but when he came to us I don't think JJ thought it fully through. Impressively he takes Castro's huge man meat for quite a while...
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Video Description - Dominant stud gets his ass licked
Featured Models - Nubius and Remey
Popularity - Viewed 17417 times
Ramey is waiting for his booty call, bent over in his underwear, with his arms loosely tied around behind his back. He knows Nubius will want him ready when he enters and he does't want to disappoint. When Nubius finally does arrive he is happy with what he finds and runs his hands across Ramey's chest and arms before slamming him onto the sofa and shoving his ass into Ramey's face...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Big black stud gets his cock sucked
Featured Models - Jay Scorpio and Kihoe
Popularity - Viewed 16814 times
Jay Scorpio was pumped up to dive into his first ever porn shoot, so when Kihoe showed up ready to take every inch of Jay's big black cock, Jay was eager to get the show started! After a short interview we had Kihoe strip down and get on the bed so Jay could begin by showcasing his massage skills.
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Video Description - White boy fucks a huge black cock
Featured Models - Andy Taylor and Tim Hunter
Popularity - Viewed 15725 times
Today Andy made a big break through with Dr Hunter, he finally admitted to himself that he is attracted to men. And although Andy has never tasted cock before his doctor is keen to change that, and shoves his massive cock into his patients mouth. But this unusual treatment works as Alex's sexual identity crisis is no longer in doubt and he discovers what he really craves is a big cock in his ass...
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Video Description - Black stud seduces his workout buddy
Featured Models - Christopher Ashlee and Josh Conners
Popularity - Viewed 15451 times
At the Randy Blue gym Josh Conners is working on his abs, while Christopher Ashlee is lifting weights. Christopher has been away from Randy Blue for a few years, but when he saw the new crop of hot studs working for us, he wanted to come back and get a piece of the action. As they work out, Christopher sees that Josh is already got a raging hard on through his shorts and moves in to lend a hand...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Black stud fucks his sex slave
Featured Models - Nubius and Remey
Popularity - Viewed 14391 times
After pleasing his master with his mouth and tongue it becomes clear it's time for Remey's ass to becomes the centre of attention. Nubius pushes Remey up onto all fours and rips his underwear off, gaining access to his hole. After applying a generous amount of spit to Remey's hole he takes his big black cock and slowly inserts his bulging erection into Ramey's tight, waiting ass...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Cute stud takes on a massive black cock
Featured Models - Dylan Roberts and Izzy James
Popularity - Viewed 14128 times
Dylan has broken down on the mean streets of the Hollywood hills but conveniently Izzy James happens to be in the area and is always willing to help a cute guy in trouble. After calling a tow truck, Izzy takes Dylan back to his pad to wait. Of course Izzy is a gracious host and offers to entertain Dylan with his massive black cock and Dylan nervously agrees...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Two boys fuck in a toilet stall
Featured Models - Tyko and Kip
Popularity - Viewed 14058 times
When Kip is introduced to a big black cock in a public restroom he doesn't think twice about sucking it. In fact he loves it so much he invites the owner to his stall to step up the action. When Tyko slithers under the wall the two horny boys waste no time tearing into each other and Kip is soon riding his first black cock with abandon, manoeuvring it further and further up his tight hole...
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Video Description - Young guy enjoys two fat black cocks
Featured Models - Castro, Diesel Washington and Jon Estevez
Popularity - Viewed 13967 times
Once upon a time there was a young guy named Jon Estevez. Jon had a fantasy of two big black dicks double teaming his little asshole. In his wildest dreams he never imagined it would come true until one day he ran into Castro Supreme and Diesel Washington and it was a dream come true...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Black stud fucks a tight white ass
Featured Models - Chase Young and Hole Hunter
Popularity - Viewed 13957 times
At Hole Hunters latest fashion shoot he slowly eases his way into aspiring model Chase Young’s trust, before unveiling his massive black cock and shoving it deep down the white boys throat. As expected Chase shows his willingness to do anything for a steady modelling gig even if it means getting his asshole thoroughly dominated by Hole Hunter's massive black appendage.
Gay black porn video
Video Description - White boy gets covered in cum
Featured Models - Izzy James and AJ Monroe
Popularity - Viewed 13850 times
Today we set up a little surprise for a newbie wanting to get into the porn industry. Perhaps unfairly we set him up with the owner of one of the biggest cocks in porn, Izzy James. Once he got over his shock AJ surprisingly put on a real good show, swallowing Izzy's monster like a pro and offering up his ass for one of the most intense fuckings of his life.
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Asian boy having sex with a white stud in the shower
Featured Models - Oil
Popularity - Viewed 13659 times
Oil is a very cute asian boy from Korea. We actually meet this boy in a chat room while in Seoul. He agreed to meet up with us and shoot a scene. The scene started off in the bath room, he sucks a hard white cock in the shower, then he gets bent over and stuffed asshole tight with cock! Tons of hardcore fucking in this scene and a nice facial load in the ending!
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Castro squeezes his cock into a tight hole
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Val
Popularity - Viewed 13480 times
Today's victims name is Val and Castro literally nails his tight little asshole to the wall. It was a good day for Castro and not so good for Val or at least it seemed. In the end Val came out smiling which was a real shocker cause for a minute I thought I was gonna have call the ambulance...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Cute twink gets fucked by a long black dick
Featured Models - Anthony and Drew Brodie
Popularity - Viewed 13374 times
In this scene Anthony, a cute twink gets nailed by a massively well hung black stud named Drew. And from the way Anthony stays rock solid throughout his fucking you can see how much this twink loves getting pounded deeper and deeper by Drew. Then at the end the amount of spunk he releases will cause you to empty your balls shortly after...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Black stud gets his cock ridden
Featured Models - Draven Torres and Kai
Popularity - Viewed 13343 times
After reading the signs from his handsome masseur Draven slips a finger into Kai's crack and begins massaging his hole, until Kai flips him over and Draven climbs on top of him. Draven slides down and mounts Kai, grinding his ass on his stomach and plunging Kai's cock deep into him. They fuck like that for a while, before Kai takes control of the situation, flipping Draven onto his hands and knees...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Blond guy takes a ride on the supreme
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Christopher Daniels
Popularity - Viewed 13226 times
Christopher Daniels came to us to try something new and exciting. I guess his idea of exciting is getting his asshole smashed up. He started off by admiring Castro's mammoth cock before sticking it down his throat. Then after a long ride he headed home walking funny.
Gay black porn video
Video Description - White boy gets his tight hole rimmed
Featured Models - Chip Currie and Alexander James
Popularity - Viewed 13168 times
Chip Currie is from Tennessee and in his small minded home town interracial sex is frowned upon and gay sex is unmentionable. So what better way to start his porn career than with a big black cock in his ass? Fortunately we love newbies and provided Chip with exactly what he wanted in the form of well hung black stud, Alexander James...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Muscular black hunk nailing a nice ass
Featured Models - Marc
Popularity - Viewed 12880 times
Marc had a hard time deciding which Papi to take home tonight. Well, if a club named Fubar was not an indication of what was in store for someones hiney that night, the sea of chests inside that was parted like an old salty ocean sure was. Marc had the party going like the Papi of the hour he was.
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Castro stroking his enormous cock
Featured Models - Castro
Popularity - Viewed 12768 times
Castro decided to come by and show of his really huge enormous fucking cock. That thing is the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life. It's almost scary because of how big it is. He has a really nice body too, but his cock is definitely his best feature. He took some time and let me videotape him jerking off in front of my camera. It was extremely hot, especially when he blew his load all over himself, his face and the couch!
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Latino boy gets two huge cocks in his ass
Featured Models - Orion
Popularity - Viewed 12672 times
This cute latino got himself lost. Got off at the wrong stop and left his wallet in the bus by mistake. Shit his lose was our gain boy! We offer him a ride to his next stop, but that shit wasnt about to be free! He was a lil sweet so he offered to suck us both off.. But thats never enough! We take advantage of this latin ass and rail him till the break of day. When he left he was sore as a motha.
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Stud gets nailed by a huge black cock
Featured Models - Dylan Roberts and Izzy James
Popularity - Viewed 12496 times
When Dylan breaks down in the middle of nowhere without his cellphone he figures his day is ruined. Fortunately, Izzy notices his plight and stops to offer help. After calling a tow truck, Izzy invites Dylan back to his place to pass the time. Extremely grateful Dylan asks Izzy how he can repay him and Izzy answers by pointing towards his growing bulge with a grin on his face...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Castro gets sucked off by the pool
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Alejandro
Popularity - Viewed 12278 times
We ran into Alejandro and found out he was in town visiting his parents. After telling him about Castro's massive member he wanted to see it for himself so invited us back to his parents place. The two of them fucked like crazy and sweat their asses off in the hot sun. Alejandro couldn't take it towards the end begged for Castro's hot nut...