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Welcome to the archives of Black Men Fuck - Below you can find all the videos I have collected over the years of my surfing porn. Most of it is interracial (hey I like watching white boys handle a horny black stud) but there are some black on black and even some vids of black studs bottoming for a white guy. Enjoy and be sure to check back for new updates.
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Video Description - Cute guy marvels over a big black dick
Featured Models - Izzy James and Ricky McCoy
Popularity - Viewed 4472 times
This week we have a cute white guy named Ricky McCoy in the studio. Ricky has recently developed a taste for big cocks so naturally he came to us. We didn't disappoint and set him up with Izzy James. Izzy loves to stretch a tight asshole and with Ricky on the receiving end he was in heaven...
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Video Description - White boy gets picked up and fucked
Featured Models - Pleasure Boi and Cameron Davis
Popularity - Viewed 4617 times
Black stud Pleasure Boi picked up Camera Davis at the local connivence store and bought him home for some alone time. Cameron is a bit surprised when Pleasure Boi doesn't hesitate to tell Cameron to suck his dick. After all we didn't bring him here to watch TV. Cameron dives in and takes on Pleasure Boi's big ass black rod. Loving every inch of it and barely even gagging. Good job!
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Video Description - Two black studs feed a cock hungry white guy
Featured Models - Austin Dallas, Pleasure Boy and Casanova
Popularity - Viewed 3705 times
This week we have a local favorite in the studio, Austin Dallas. He's been here a couple times before so don't let him fool you when he says he's never been with a black guy before. He can save that ploy for the black guys. Speaking of black guys. We have Casanova and Pleasure Boy here today and they are ready to get down to business with Austin...
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Video Description - Skinny white boy gets double teamed
Featured Models - Troy Segal, Intrigue and Brooklyn
Popularity - Viewed 3897 times
Troy is new to our site but he is a self confessed black cock whore. Intrigue and Brooklyn waste no time getting things started, taking turns enjoying Troy's undeniably good cock sucking skills, before teaming up to rip into Troy's tight butt hole. Troy obviously loves having all his holes filled up with black cock and that only makes Intrigue and Brooklyn fuck him harder.
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme
Popularity - Viewed 4853 times
This week we have an aspiring architect in the studio. He saw Castro on the net and contacted us looking to get some first hand experience with the supreme. Luckily this kind of request is the type we love to fulfill and today is the big day. As is often the case once Castro takes out his giant cock it there is a moment of shock and awe before the cock sucking begins...
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Video Description - Young man enjoys an enormous black cock
Featured Models - Izzy James and Alec Grey
Popularity - Viewed 14532 times
Alec Grey was having a really bad day, he went to the park with his friends but they ditched him and left him stranded at the park. Luckily for Alec, Izzy James was on the hunt and came across the obviously depressed young man and offered to cheer him up. Curious Alec asks how he is going to do that, Izzy points to his enormous bulge. Alec's eyes grow wide before he eagerly nods his accent.
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Video Description - Punk boy sucks his first black dick
Featured Models - Sean Dean and Casanova
Popularity - Viewed 3345 times
Our black stud Casanova is in the house this week and today he's flying his first solo mission. He has already located some white meat named Sean Dean and is ready to introduce him to the world. Sean is a shy white boy who has an interest in trying out some big, black cock. Careful what you ask for because Casanova has a thick black rod experienced at ripping tight holes wide open.
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Video Description - Black stud fucks his buddy in a hotel room
Featured Models - Dustin Fitch and JP Richards
Popularity - Viewed 6070 times
JP Richards wakes up with a killer hangover after a night at the casino and worryingly he also wakes up with a ring on his finger! He calls over his buddy Dustin Fitch and instead of talking about a quickie divorce, these two end up fucking. Dustin loves that black cock, so much so he blows his load halfway through the scene! JP ends up giving him a facial but their snowballing is interrupted by a phone call...
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Video Description - Two black studs enjoy a white boy
Featured Models - Troy Segal, Intrigue and Brooklyn
Popularity - Viewed 3672 times
Hot white boy Troy Segal joins us here at Blacks On Boys for the first time. He's a skinny little twink who's about to get hammered by two black studs and he is surprisingly happy about it. Intrigue hooked it up and now they're all meeting outside the school where Troy works. The usual chit chat ensues and then they hop into the ride and head for the fuck pad to get down to business...
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Video Description - Trim black stud gets his cock sucked
Featured Models - Allen Star
Popularity - Viewed 3040 times
This weeks' update is Allen Star, and he's very excited to be here. He's your typical looking and acting white guy that you would see on the bus, in the store or just about anywhere, but you would never guess what's on his mind. But since he is with us you know exactly what he is thinking, the same thing that is on your mind if you are reading this...
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Video Description - Timid boy swallows a giant black cock
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Logan
Popularity - Viewed 5008 times
This week we brought in this scared little boy named Logan for an asshole destruction session. Logan was so scared he literally locked himself in the bathroom and had to be convinced to come out and play. After taking a few moments to compose himself he took a few deep breaths and submitted his booty for a pounding...
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Featured Models - Jay Scorpio and Kihoe
Popularity - Viewed 12777 times
Jay Scorpio was pumped up to dive into his first ever porn shoot, so when Kihoe showed up ready to take every inch of Jay's big black cock, Jay was eager to get the show started! After a short interview we had Kihoe strip down and get on the bed so Jay could begin by showcasing his massage skills.
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Featured Models - Aiden, Dee Truth and Intrigue
Popularity - Viewed 5424 times
Once we get Aiden back to the fuck pad he readily admits he's thought about black guys through the years and is excited to finally get a taste of some black cock. He also admits the biggest dick he's ever been with was about seven inches, he's certainly in for a surprise today. As soon as they whip out their black dicks Aiden gets on his knees and starts sucking them...
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Featured Models - K.P. and Intrigue
Popularity - Viewed 6543 times
K.P. is a athletic young white dude who likes to play basketball. In fact the local court is where our black stud, Intrigue, meets him. After shooting some hoops together, Intrigue invites his new friend back to his crib. On the ride back we give K.P. the low down on what is about to happen and after the initial shock wears off he is surprisingly down with what we have in mind...