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Welcome to the archives of Black Men Fuck - Below you can find all the videos I have collected over the years of my surfing porn. Most of it is interracial (hey I like watching white boys handle a horny black stud) but there are some black on black and even some vids of black studs bottoming for a white guy. Enjoy and be sure to check back for new updates.
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Video Description - Black stud takes a white boy home
Featured Models - Dani Decor and Intrigue
Popularity - Viewed 4730 times
Intrigue, is out checking his mail when he notices the mailman put someone else's letters in his box. Just then a white boy walks up to check his mail. Intrigue asks him what his name is and sure enough the name Dani Decor matches the letter he has. When Intrigue gives him the letter Dani is so grateful he wants to do something to show his appreciation...
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Video Description - Black boy gets fucked at both ends
Featured Models - Perry, Cameron and JR
Popularity - Viewed 2404 times
Today we have a black boy named Cameron who wants his first taste of white cock. Fortunately we know two horny white boys who can grant such a request and we send Perry and JR to pick him up. Once they arrive back at the fuck pad they engage in some mutual cock sucking before JR takes the lead and gives it to Cameron from behind. He pumps the hell out of that black ass, making Perry jealous...
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Video Description - Skinny white boy sucks two black cocks
Featured Models - Aiden, Dee Truth and Intrigue
Popularity - Viewed 2041 times
This week we brought in Dee Truth and Intrigue to slap down two big black dicks on a skinny little white boy named Aiden. Intrigue is the one who found him and talked him into taking his lunch break with us. Aiden was a little quiet and a bit shy because he's never had any black dick before and now here he is, his first time will be with not one, but two black studs...
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Video Description - White boy enjoys a big black cock
Featured Models - Dani Decor and Intrigue
Popularity - Viewed 4585 times
After Intrigue helped Dani Decor by passing on some mislabeled mail Dani offers to show his appreciation. Intrigue almost never turns down horny white dudes so they head back to the pad and get right to business. Intrigue pops his black dick into Dani's mouth and away they go. Dani goes to town on that big black cock, just like all the crazy white boys do...
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Video Description - Black boy gets fucked at a laundromat
Featured Models - Sean Mason and Aiden
Popularity - Viewed 2587 times
Gotta love how the people in Miami mind their own business around here. Today we took a black thug into a laundromat and fucked his brains out and they didn't even stop to look as my boy was doggy style fucking him on the machines. After that we got him to wash our clothes.. boy are thugs helpful when you have a fistful of cash.
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Video Description - Skinny black boy gets fucked
Featured Models - Parker and Play Toy
Popularity - Viewed 2401 times
Parker might be eighteen but his mother still doesn't like to leave him in the house alone. After hiring someone to keep an eye on him she heads out, confident he won't be able to get into any trouble. Unfortunately Parker's sitter loves the cock and he quickly gets Parker interested in the many new and exciting things he has to offer...
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Video Description - Thug sucks cock in a back alley
Featured Models - Malek Steel and Kenton
Popularity - Viewed 3534 times
This week we found a likely looking thug chilling in front of a store. We asked him to sling his dick for fun and unsurprisingly he was reluctant. Then we offered him money and he started getting real interested. After working out the details my friend took him down a back alley and pounded his tight, virgin ass into submission.
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Video Description - White boy cums while getting fucked
Featured Models - Allen Star
Popularity - Viewed 2544 times
So today we have Allen Star in the studio, a regular white boy that you might see down town shopping at the supermarket. One thing makes him different though, your typical white boy isn't contemplating the big black cock he is about to have stuffed into his virgin ass. Not to worry though because this is Allen's fantasy and he can't wait to get started...
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Video Description - Black stud gets fucked in a store
Featured Models - Danny Brooks and Scott Alexander
Popularity - Viewed 2183 times
This week we were on our way to South Beach to go thug hunting when we ran into this muscular looking black stud at a convenience store. He was friendly enough but didn't take our offers seriously until we flashed him some cash. From that point on he was all ears and even started pushing the action. Eventually he even offered up his black ass in the middle of the store!
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Video Description - Young black stud fucks his buddy
Featured Models - Da Bod and Kidd
Popularity - Viewed 3104 times
Da Bod has been having endless problems with his car, so when he takes it in to the garage he isn't surprised when the news is all bad. In short, the car is fucked and is not worth repairing. With his wheels gone, Da Bod needs some cheering up and fortunately the hunky mechanic is just the cure he needs.
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Video Description - Cute stud takes on a massive black cock
Featured Models - Dylan Roberts and Izzy James
Popularity - Viewed 7238 times
Dylan has broken down on the mean streets of the Hollywood hills but conveniently Izzy James happens to be in the area and is always willing to help a cute guy in trouble. After calling a tow truck, Izzy takes Dylan back to his pad to wait. Of course Izzy is a gracious host and offers to entertain Dylan with his massive black cock and Dylan nervously agrees...
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Video Description - White boy rides a buff black man on bus
Featured Models - Rick McCoy and Evin Brampton
Popularity - Viewed 3519 times
In this weeks update my good friend and I go hunting for some dick and we hit the mother load. I mean this guy has it all, tall, dark handsome and well hung. He fucks like a champ too. He put a hurting on my boy's fuck hole. Then he dipped that fat chocolate stick into my friends mouth and filled him up like he was pumping at a gas station.
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Video Description - Black thug sucks cock in public
Featured Models - Sean Mason and Aiden
Popularity - Viewed 2352 times
What do you get when you cross a Thug waiting at a bus stop with me and my friend patrolling the streets at night? Well what you get is a fucking good time! We found this hood waiting for his ride, but we stopped him short and offered him a better ride. The kind you have to bend over to receive. I took him to a laundromat that was near by and rammed him while the patrons did their laundry...
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Video Description - College boy gets caught stealing drugs
Featured Models - Michael and Jackson
Popularity - Viewed 4093 times
Michael has been making a killing peddling stolen drugs and his next target is the on-campus clinic. In the dead of night he breaks in and starts looking for medication he can sell on the streets. As he is pilfering through the office the door bursts open and in comes Officer Jackson. Jackson grills the frightened Michael about his trespassing and gives him an unexpected ultimatum...