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Welcome to the archives of Black Men Fuck - Below you can find all the videos I have collected over the years of my surfing porn. Most of it is interracial (hey I like watching white boys handle a horny black stud) but there are some black on black and even some vids of black studs bottoming for a white guy. Enjoy and be sure to check back for new updates.
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Gay black porn video
Video Description - Horny couple fuck their realtor
Featured Models - Jordano Santoro, Kiern Duecan and Pharrell
Popularity - Viewed 4099 times
Kiern and his boyfriend Jordano are on the hunt for a new apartment but they have an unusual test for suitable properties. As soon as their agent, Pharrell, leaves them alone Jordano drops to his knees and helps himself to his boyfriends already hardening cock. As Jordano puts his mouth to work Kiern throws his head back and moans, alerting Pharrell who is waiting outside the room...
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Video Description - Tattooed boy takes on two black men
Featured Models - Max Sanchez, Billy Long and Tyreese
Popularity - Viewed 3717 times
Max Sanchez is here to make some money and to our surprise he tells us he has never been with a man before. However we aren't sure that's true because after you see him deep throat Tyreese and Billy Long's big black cocks there's no way he hasn't done this before. Anyway after serving both out studs he eagerly gets on all fours in anticipation of having their giant slabs of black meat inside him...
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Video Description - Black hunk gets his ass fucked
Featured Models - Derek Reynolds and Draven Torres
Popularity - Viewed 4387 times
Derek Reynolds is looking to fine tune his already chiseled body and has called in the help of personal trainer, Draven Torres. They begin by stretching but when Draven notices Derek peeking up his shorts, Draven realises Derek might be into some alternative exercises. Sure enough, Derek can't get his mouth around Draven's hard dick quick enough and they begin the best cardio workout around, sex!
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Video Description - Blue eyed boy rides a big black cock
Featured Models - Stefan Nash and Hole Hunter
Popularity - Viewed 4897 times
After Stefan's neighbor catches him jerking off to some porn Stefan is both embarrassed and apprehensive about what might happen next. Happily Hole Hunter is more interested in finding out what Stefan was watching than embarrassing him further. As it happens they share they same fetish for interracial porn and before you know it Stefan is acting out his favorite fantasy instead of just watching...
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Video Description - White boy gets covered in cum
Featured Models - Izzy James and AJ Monroe
Popularity - Viewed 10543 times
Today we set up a little surprise for a newbie wanting to get into the porn industry. Perhaps unfairly we set him up with the owner of one of the biggest cocks in porn, Izzy James. Once he got over his shock AJ surprisingly put on a real good show, swallowing Izzy's monster like a pro and offering up his ass for one of the most intense fuckings of his life.
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Video Description - Black twink sucks his sitters cock
Featured Models - Parker and Play Toy
Popularity - Viewed 3837 times
When Play Toy is hired to keep an eye on a young man while his mother is away he can not believe his luck when that boy turns out to be the eighteen year old Parker. After a little flirting Parker quickly realizes where the action is heading and without fuss reaches across to suck his sitters cock. Play Toy smiles knowingly as he looks forward to what is still to come...
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Video Description - Black studs fuck at the gym
Featured Models - Scandalous and Thugzilla
Popularity - Viewed 4061 times
Scandalous was looking to get into shape when he ran into Thugzilla. Mr. Zilla invited him to his private gym but he of course has an ulterior motive, he was looking to get into some virgin asshole. Thinking he was going to get the training he needed, Scandalous was quickly seduced into receiving his first deep dicking. What a work out!
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Video Description - Two black studs fuck in a garage
Featured Models - Rouge and Rudy Ebony
Popularity - Viewed 3667 times
Rouge is closing up shop when Rudy rolls up after experiencing car troubles for the fourth time this week. He figures if Rouge can't fix his car maybe he can be useful for something else. Unzipping his pants he makes it clear that something will be and Rouge obediently gets to his knees and goes to work. Happy with the spit and polish on his cock Rudy moves his attention to Rouge's black ass...
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Video Description - Black boy gets his big cock sucked
Featured Models - D-Unit and Assolute
Popularity - Viewed 3584 times
It's been a long day at the garage and D-Unit is looking for something to help him wind down. Fortunately the ass of his hot little co-worker is on offer and D-Unit isn't shy about taking what he wants. After getting his big cock hard and wet he bends Assolute over to take a closer look at the hole he will be impaling. Happy with what he see's he takes his rod and rams it home, hard and deep.
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Video Description - Sexy black stud fucks a white guy
Featured Models - Jack Hall And Tyson Tyler
Popularity - Viewed 4088 times
They say that size isn't everything, but the immensely handsome and built hunk Tyson Tyler would beg to differ as he introduces Jack Hall to the world of interracial gay porn. Tyson begins eating out Jack's pale and tight butt. But you know someone is going to get fucked deep in this duo and while both of them are hung the bigger and badder Tyson Tyler takes the initiative and flips Jack over...
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Video Description - Muscular dom fucks a hot ass
Featured Models - Race Cooper and Rob Lee
Popularity - Viewed 3902 times
After disciplining his new man-servant with a horsewhip Race decides to reward him with a taste of his big black cock. Mr. Lee thanks his master for such generosity and goes to work sucking it hungrily. Then it's back into chains for a hard, merciless fucking from Race. Of course Mr. Lee takes his pounding like a man and encourages his master to use him as he see's fit.
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Video Description - Black mechanic nails his co worker
Featured Models - D-Unit and Assolute
Popularity - Viewed 3508 times
With a long day of inspecting cars coming to an end D-Unit decides he wants spend the remainder of the day checking out his co-workers rear end. After a rigorous inspection of his perfectly formed black ass he discovers it's hungry for his cock. At first the fit is rather tight but once he finds the right rhythm the result is perfection and both mechanics finish the day exhausted but satisfied.
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Video Description - Big black man enjoys his mates ass
Featured Models - Nubius and Aron Ridge
Popularity - Viewed 5383 times
After the game Nubius invites his teammate, Aron Ridge, over for a few drinks. They had a tough day on the turf, running, tackling and making hard plays, and some relaxing is definitely in order. After throwing back a few cold ones, Nubius hits the shower while Aron chills out. When Nubius returns from the shower, wearing only a towel, Aron takes it as a sign of his friends intentions...
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Video Description - Horny white boy gets pumped hard
Featured Models - Intrigue and Kevin
Popularity - Viewed 3628 times
Kevin is a self confessed sex fiend but until today he has never had a black cock. Well Intrigue is here to change that. After introducing him to the dark meat with an intense face fucking Intrigue instructs Kevin to get on all fours. Kevin obediently hikes his ass up and offers his tight white hole to that big, black dick. Intrigue accepts and gives Kevin his first black ass pounding...