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Welcome to the archives of Black Men Fuck - Below you can find all the videos I have collected over the years of my surfing porn. Most of it is interracial (hey I like watching white boys handle a horny black stud) but there are some black on black and even some vids of black studs bottoming for a white guy. Enjoy and be sure to check back for new updates.
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Gay black porn video
Video Description - Two black studs tag team a white boy
Featured Models - Black Hawk, Billy Long and Alex
Popularity - Viewed 3722 times
Alex his in his final year of college and got his laptop stolen. He needs some quick cash for a replacement and came to us. What we will be requiring from him will be far out of his comfort zone but he tells us he has always had a curiosity about black men. After introducing him to Black Hawk and Billy Long they unzip their pants and make it clear what they want from the desperate white boy...
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Video Description - Black stud stretches a tight asshole
Featured Models - Jonathan Cole and Izzy James
Popularity - Viewed 22095 times
When Jonathan Cole's car broke down on the way home he figured it was just another malay to complete an extremely bad day. However, when Izzy James stopped and offered him some help it looked like his day could be getting better. Then when Izzy revealed his enormous black cock Jonathan knew his day was about to get much, much better.
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Video Description - Black boy enjoys two white cocks
Featured Models - Perry, Cameron and JR
Popularity - Viewed 4738 times
This week we have two hot and horny white tops looking for some black bottom, and they find it. His name is Cameron and he's never been with a white guy before. They all meet up and drive back to the Blacks On Boys fuck pad where JR and Perry are eager to get their dicks sucked. Eventually all three of them end up together on the couch like a pretzel with mouths full of cock...
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Video Description - Two boys fuck in a toilet stall
Featured Models - Tyko and Kip
Popularity - Viewed 8869 times
When Kip is introduced to a big black cock in a public restroom he doesn't think twice about sucking it. In fact he loves it so much he invites the owner to his stall to step up the action. When Tyko slithers under the wall the two horny boys waste no time tearing into each other and Kip is soon riding his first black cock with abandon, manoeuvring it further and further up his tight hole...
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Video Description - Black stud gets his cock sucked
Featured Models - Scandalous and Thugzilla
Popularity - Viewed 5082 times
Thugzilla's friend is looking to get in shape and Mr. Zilla is happy to help. After a run they go to Thugzilla's private gym and start lifting weights. But it's not long before Thugzilla's skinny friend injures himself and Thugzilla decides it might be time for the warm down. Which, of course, involves his hard black cock pounding the stuffing out of his friends skinny ass...
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Video Description - Two hunky black men suck cock
Featured Models - Nubius and Aron Ridge
Popularity - Viewed 5234 times
After a hard game Aron and his teammate, Nubius, go home to celebrate. Once they arrive, Aron grabs a beer while Nubius heads to the shower and returns a few minutes later wearing just a towel. Aron gets the hunt and tells Nubius in no uncertain terms that he wants to 'tap that ass.' Nubius nods and drops his towel while simultaneously going down for a taste of Aron's big black dick...
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Video Description - Black stud sucks dick at an open home
Featured Models - Jordano Santoro, Kiern Duecan and Pharrell
Popularity - Viewed 4855 times
Kiern Duecan and his boyfriend Jordano Santoro are looking for a new home and their search has taken to them to a high rise flat overlooking the city. The apartment seems to have all the amenities the couple are looking for and their agent, Pharrell, feels the property would be a perfect fit for them. Kiern and Jordano are not so sure, that is until they spend some quality time in the bedroom...
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Video Description - Black stud sucks off his masseur
Featured Models - Draven Torres and Kai
Popularity - Viewed 5933 times
As soon as Kai walks in for his massage appointment, Draven recognises him as one of those customers who would be interested in a little extra service. So it's no surprise when, while rubbing him down, Draven notices Kai checking him out. Kai then begins pulling down the waistband of Draven's shorts causing Draven's cock to fall straight into his mouth...
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Video Description - Buff black man gets his cock sucked
Featured Models - Connor Maguire and Robert Axel
Popularity - Viewed 7352 times
So once again we were wandering in the hood, looking for the thug elite to satisfy my homeboy. Now you would think the guy with the big muscles, hanging around the corner would be some strongman ready to take your camera and kick your ass. But flash a quick $400 bucks and suddenly he's like a kitten ready to purr for a treat. He even let Connor put it in his butt...
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Video Description - White boy gets fucked in a video booth
Featured Models - Aiden Connors
Popularity - Viewed 7267 times
Aiden is enjoying a jerk off session in a seedy adult store when a black cock appears in the glory hole of his booth. A gruff voice tells him to suck it and Aiden replies that he's not gay, but he'll suck it anyway. It's his first time sucking cock but he knows what feels good, and although the monster meat is quite a mouthful he is quickly rewarded with moans of pleasure from the adjacent booth...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - White boy sucks cock at a glory hole
Featured Models - Tyko and Kip
Popularity - Viewed 5235 times
Kip is a fun loving twink that loves fucking outside the bedroom, so when he hears about a dirty public restroom with a glory hole he figures it's worth a shot. He takes his cock out and begins jerking off and is rewarded with a black cock being stuck through one of the holes in the wall. Kip, never shy about sucking a cock, takes it into his mouth and goes to work...
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Video Description - Hunky black mechanic gets his cock sucked
Featured Models - Da Bod and Kidd
Popularity - Viewed 4095 times
Da Bod's had his car picked up and taken to the local garage when it refused to start. Unfortunately the mechanic only has bad news for him, his car was fucked and needed an unfeasible number of repairs. Saddened by the news Da Bod desperately needed some cheering up and fortunately the mechanic was just the man for that job too...
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Video Description - Black hunk gets his cock sucked
Featured Models - Derek Reynolds and Draven Torres
Popularity - Viewed 3969 times
Draven Torres is a hot shot personal trainer. He's helped all kinds of folks reach their personal fitness goals and Derek Reynolds is his latest client. When Draven gets his first look at Derek he can't help but smile. Derek is a hot piece of ass and although he is looking for some tips for his cardio routine Draven is already planning how he can get a piece of his ass...
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Video Description - White boy fucks a huge black cock
Featured Models - Andy Taylor and Tim Hunter
Popularity - Viewed 11997 times
Today Andy made a big break through with Dr Hunter, he finally admitted to himself that he is attracted to men. And although Andy has never tasted cock before his doctor is keen to change that, and shoves his massive cock into his patients mouth. But this unusual treatment works as Alex's sexual identity crisis is no longer in doubt and he discovers what he really craves is a big cock in his ass...