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Welcome to the archives of Black Men Fuck - Below you can find all the videos I have collected over the years of my surfing porn. Most of it is interracial (hey I like watching white boys handle a horny black stud) but there are some black on black and even some vids of black studs bottoming for a white guy. Enjoy and be sure to check back for new updates.
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Gay black porn video
Video Description - White boy sucks on two black cocks
Featured Models - Luke Cross, Billy Long and Brandon
Popularity - Viewed 6966 times
This week Luke Cross stopped by our studio to see if we had any work for him. Of course we weren't going to let this cute, blonde boy slip away. Billy Long and newcomer Brandon just happened to be in the house, so it was pretty much a no brainer for us to hook them all up together. Luke has been here a couple of times but he's never been the meat in an interracial threesome.
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Video Description - Black muscle man gets sucked off
Featured Models - Nubius and Montaz
Popularity - Viewed 8034 times
When Montaz shows up on set, you know some wild sex is about to go down. He isn't lighting no candles and get the fuck out of here with that Kama Sutra shit! He's all about slamming his hard cock into his butt buddies hungry holes and he ain't got any time for foreplay. Fortunately Nubius has the same sort of idea, but he is more interested in getting his holes filled, a perfect pair...
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Video Description - Black stud fucks a tight white ass
Featured Models - Chase Young and Hole Hunter
Popularity - Viewed 13254 times
At Hole Hunters latest fashion shoot he slowly eases his way into aspiring model Chase Young’s trust, before unveiling his massive black cock and shoving it deep down the white boys throat. As expected Chase shows his willingness to do anything for a steady modelling gig even if it means getting his asshole thoroughly dominated by Hole Hunter's massive black appendage.
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Video Description - Two black boys share a big cock
Featured Models - Ice Black, B-Zilla and Brooklyn
Popularity - Viewed 6588 times
This week we join two young guys as they look for a job at the local auto shop. Experience is a plus but the qualification Mr Brooklyn is most interested in is how well they suck his big black cock. It might be unorthodox but this is a job interview both young men know they can excel at and they waste no time dropping to their knees...
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Video Description - White boy enjoys two black cocks
Featured Models - Black Hawk, Billy Long and Alex
Popularity - Viewed 7431 times
Are you ready for another hot and heavy, bareback episode of interracial debauchery? We sure hope so because that is what Alex is here to deliver. He's a twenty six year old college student who got his laptop jacked at a coffee shop and needs some fast cash to buy a replacement. Of course we have some ideas how he can earn that money and it involves the hard cocks of Black Hawk and Billy Long.
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Video Description - Cutie enjoys his first interracial fuck
Featured Models - Sean Wade
Popularity - Viewed 5577 times
Sean Wade woke up one morning with a craving for black cock, so he contacted us at Blacks on Boys. Never ones to turn down a cute white boy we booked a motel room and hooked him up. He put on a brave face but we could tell he was nervous. No worries though cause once he had a big black cock in his mouth the rest came naturally and he put on a real good show...
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Video Description - Bottom boy gets fed black cock
Featured Models - Hole Hunter and Chris
Popularity - Viewed 8862 times
In this hard hitting episode self confessed slut bottom, Chris, finds himself at the mercy of a gentleman by the name of Hole Hunter. The name is perfect for a man who prides himself in punishing the holes of sex addicted white boys. Chris is dressed in his raunchiest clothing and it's more than enough to have Hole Hunter's black cock standing at attention...
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Video Description - Obedient servant sucks his masters cock
Featured Models - Race Cooper and Rob Lee
Popularity - Viewed 8127 times
Race Cooper is training his new man-servant, Rob Lee. He starts with some gentle licking and kissing as Rob is shackled and bound. Of course this is only to give him a false sense of comfort. Race then begins getting more series with some quick, tight slaps with his favorite horsewhip. After taking his punishment it's time for a reward so Race feeds his servant some of his big black cock...
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Video Description - Muscle man gets fucked in a junk yard
Featured Models - Connor Maguire and Robert Axel
Popularity - Viewed 9412 times
My buddy Connor was eager for a big black thug to satisfy his need for muscle so we went on the hunt downtown. He soon spotted a likely mark and damn was he big. Fortunately a little cash goes a long way in the hood and we soon talked him into accompanying us to a local junk yard for some interracial action. Turns out Connor's instincts were right and he was exactly the fuck he was looking for...
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Video Description - Cute boy sucks cock at an adult bookstore
Featured Models - Aiden Summers and Mr Hampton
Popularity - Viewed 8514 times
All his friends think he's as straight as an arrow but behind closed doors Aiden is much more interesting. Today he has ditched his girlfriend for some solo time at a seedy adult bookstore and as he is beating away to a porno he is joined in the cubicle by a black guy. Aiden's never fucked another guy before, but lately it's something he's spent a lot of time thinking about...
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Video Description - Huge body builder fucks a black man
Featured Models - Derek Reynolds and Matthew Rush
Popularity - Viewed 11286 times
Derek Reynolds has a huge crush on Matthew Rush and when he's alone he often dreams of him. On this occasion his fantasy involves Matthew in a jock strap. After enjoying Matthew's body with his hands Derek unleashes his thick cock and takes a long awaiting taste of his manhood. From here Matthew takes control and the powerful man bends Derek over before taking possession of his ass...
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Video Description - White boy gets his hole punished
Featured Models - Hole Hunter and Chris
Popularity - Viewed 6947 times
As you all know Hole Hunter has a massive appetite for tight white holes but today his sexual hunger is matched by Chris, a self confessed slut bottom and black cock addict. From the moment Hole Hunter see's Chris dressed in his black leather, dog outfit he knows how to treat him and soon has Chris gagging on his massive black cock like the true sex slut he is.
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Video Description - Two beefy black men fuck
Featured Models - Nubius and Montaz
Popularity - Viewed 11527 times
When the shirts come off the pants quickly follow, with Nubius going down to get the action started with some cock sucking. Montaz likes the direction this is going but is impatient to begin the fucking, lifting Nubius up he turns his muscular black ass towards him and prepares his cock for entry. As you might expect Montaz isn't what you would call a gentle lover and goes in hard and deep...
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Video Description - Two black studs tag team a white boy
Featured Models - Black Hawk, Billy Long and Alex
Popularity - Viewed 5339 times
Alex his in his final year of college and got his laptop stolen. He needs some quick cash for a replacement and came to us. What we will be requiring from him will be far out of his comfort zone but he tells us he has always had a curiosity about black men. After introducing him to Black Hawk and Billy Long they unzip their pants and make it clear what they want from the desperate white boy...