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Welcome to the archives of Black Men Fuck - Below you can find all the videos I have collected over the years of my surfing porn. Most of it is interracial (hey I like watching white boys handle a horny black stud) but there are some black on black and even some vids of black studs bottoming for a white guy. Enjoy and be sure to check back for new updates.
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Video Description - Black stud gets hs monster cock sucked
Featured Models - Castro Supreme
Popularity - Viewed 4013 times
This week we brought in this little Spanish fucker to get his prostate examined unfortunately for him this routine check up might have caused more damage than it was worth. Castro buried his brown log balls deep in this little Princesses asshole and from the look on this boys face this shoot may have been one sided in the pleasure department...
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Video Description - Two black guys tag team a white boy
Featured Models - Brenden Shaw, Johnny Boy and Seduction
Popularity - Viewed 4232 times
Today we have a horny white boy named Brenden Shaw who is looking to have his first interracial experience. We decide to drop him into the deep end and line him up with not one but two black studs. Johnny Boy and Seduction are chosen for the job and are soon hard at work breaking Brenden in...
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Video Description - Hunk fucking a smooth black stud
Featured Models - Leo Cage and Enzo Rimenez
Popularity - Viewed 3518 times
After a hard day at work, hot city boy Enzo Rimenez is having an even harder evening with sexy and smooth Leo Cage. Clearly a lover of interracial action, Enzo quickly gets down and services Leo's huge ebony shaft. After the cock sucking Leo buries his huge cock deep inside Enzo's ass, you can see the pleasure spread across his face...
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Video Description - White guy swallows a massive black cock
Featured Models - Finn Daniels and Izzy James
Popularity - Viewed 3521 times
Pretty boy Finn is stepping into the fabulous life of movie making. Izzy James a famed producer known for his massive black meat poker is interviewing him for a part. What Finn doesn't know is that this job interview can be gaping with opportunities. Let's just hope Finn can handle Izzy's unusually big demands...
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Video Description - Buff stud sits down on a big black dick
Featured Models - Izzy James and Mitch Vaughn
Popularity - Viewed 4059 times
This week we have a jacked white dude named Mitch in the studio. He is a bit apprehensive about taking on Izzy's massive meat and after some discussion we agree that Izzy will take it nice and slow on his black cock virgin ass. Anyhow after some cock sucking he works up a nice rhythm and we tell him it's time to ride the monster...
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Video Description - Steven sucking a massive black dick
Featured Models - Sean XL and Steven Ponce
Popularity - Viewed 4193 times
Steven is up to no good as he pours water all over his shorts. He walks into the next room and asks Sean to lend him his shorts because his are drenched. Sean isn't buying it as he grabs his mug and pours water all over his own. Getting Sean out of his shorts was easier than expected. Steven kneels to feign his dismay but soon the two are making out hot and heavy.
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Video Description - Black men licking and sucking cocks in a living room
Featured Models - De'Vine, Metro, Thugzilla and Trap Boyy
Popularity - Viewed 6094 times
In a rare display of bareback action Thugzilla shows off his raw skills in this new video, along with ThugOrgy favorites such as Trap Boyy. Complete with some awesome rimming action before those raw black rods get put into action, it's a gang bang bonanza not to be missed.
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Video Description - Polish guy sucks off two black men
Featured Models - Adrian Troy
Popularity - Viewed 4090 times
This week we have Adrian Troy who is originally from Poland in the studio. After moving to America a few years ago he has seen several hot black guys that have tempted him. You see there aren't too many black men in Poland so the idea of getting fucked by one is quite exotic to Adrian...
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Video Description - Izzy james fucks his fan for christmas
Featured Models - Izzy James
Popularity - Viewed 3473 times
This weeks update is a present from us to you. We brought in this "straight guy" to suck dick and get fucked in the ass. Anyways he screamed and shouted and the next thing you knew he had a huge load from a monster black cock all over his face. Tis the season and it's gonna hurt bitches!
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Video Description - White guy riding a long black cock
Featured Models - Ricky Raw, Johnny Boy and Tone
Popularity - Viewed 4821 times
Ricky was a little hesitant at first but Johnny and Tone are not fooling around and taking any sort of lip from Ricky. After a generous amount of double dick sucking Ricky gets his ass introduced to Tone's dick first while still getting Johnny's hard black cock shoved in his mouth and it just keeps going from there...
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Video Description - Two hot guys sucking each other hard cock
Featured Models - Johnny Rock and Trey Turner
Popularity - Viewed 4334 times
Johnny walks in pouting about how no girl can take his dick. Trey who was perfectly fine just reading before Johnny stormed in, decides to turn the tables. "Well, have you ever thought about how it would feel like to be on the other end?" That was enough to peak Johnny's curiosity as they start to make out.
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Video Description - Group of black men fucking a white boy
Featured Models - Seduction, Mr Stacks, Jonny Boy and London Moore
Popularity - Viewed 4150 times
The throat fucking continues for our newest batch of interracial love makers. There are big, black dicks in need of oral attention in every corner of the room, and they're getting it from our star white boy and even a few of the cock-hungry thugs as well.
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Video Description - Eager guy sucks on a massive black cock
Featured Models - Izzy James
Popularity - Viewed 2864 times
So we decided to get into the holiday spirit and invite a fan over for a christmas party. Izzy James was in charge of the gifts and to that end presented his eager fan with his monster cock wrapped in a christmas stocking. To get his gift he was going to have to work for it...
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Video Description - Handsome black stud fucking a white ass
Featured Models - John
Popularity - Viewed 5396 times
Alex was a victim of ours a few weeks back, well after finding out that his girlfriend saw his escapade and really enjoyed it. He is back to fulfill his wifey's fantasies and desires. After John talks to Alex's gf on the phone he finds out she has a special interest in black guy, John decides to look for black guy to fuck Alex's little virgin ass and give him the dick he secretly craves.