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Welcome to the archives of Black Men Fuck - Below you can find all the videos I have collected over the years of my surfing porn. Most of it is interracial (hey I like watching white boys handle a horny black stud) but there are some black on black and even some vids of black studs bottoming for a white guy. Enjoy and be sure to check back for new updates.
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Gay black porn video
Video Description - White guy sucks off two skinny black studs
Featured Models - Intrigue, Blaque Rod and Ace London
Popularity - Viewed 2621 times
Intrigue is with us again and he's brought a new friend with him for todays shoot. Another big dicked, skinny black dude named Blaque Rod. The two studs did some searching around the internet and found themselves an eager and willing white boy named Ace London. Ace has never gone black before but is very excited to do it today for us.
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Video Description - Black boys bang each other on a sofa
Featured Models - Kobe, Mr Pipe'm, Trap Boyy and Xkape
Popularity - Viewed 2652 times
Thugzilla can't hold back any longer and dives straight into a tight black ass with his whopper in this third entry to his new orgy video. It establishes a hot spit roast for the camera as his bottom devours tool at both ends. Brace yourself, boys, this is one rough ride.
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Video Description - Cute guy bends over for a massive black cock
Featured Models - Izzy James and Ricky McCoy
Popularity - Viewed 3589 times
We are proud to announce this week's episode features Izzy James and Ricky McCoy. Ricky is a young white boy who has recently become fascinated with the idea of getting screwed by a big black cock. Fortunately for you guys we have one of those here for your entertainment. This would now make it unfortunate for little Ricky because Izzy knocks that tight little butt-hole into next week...
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Video Description - German boy sucks a black dick
Featured Models - Legacy and Dee Truth
Popularity - Viewed 2525 times
Todays white boy goes by the name Legacy and he came all the way from Germany just to get his first big, black dick. We matched him up with Dee Truth and Legacy got straight on his knees to suck that dick. But Dee Truth can only get his cock sucked for so long before he wants some of that tight, white ass...
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Video Description - Sexy black guy sucking a white dick
Featured Models - Aiden Lane and Jonny Rock
Popularity - Viewed 3402 times
Aiden's on the phone trying to arrange a play date with a hot girl for a three-way; but things are not looking too well. They get stood up but now they're both sitting there boned up with no relief in sight. Well, not necessarily. They are each stroking their boners through their jeans when Aiden just says "Fuck it" and goes for it.
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Castro gets his massive cock sucked
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Derrick
Popularity - Viewed 4445 times
We all know that Castro Supreme has a huge monster cock that destroys everything in its path. Well today we have a non believer by the name of Derrick stepping up to the plate to see what all the hype is all about. He refused to believe that Castro's cock was real until he had seen it in person. Well guys this dude was in for a rude awakening...
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Video Description - White stud gets bent over and impaled
Featured Models - Shane Frost
Popularity - Viewed 5950 times
So this week we have a big cock virgin named Shane in the studio to break his cherry. He spent a few minutes just worshipping our black studs giant wang before sticking it down his throat. Eventually he worked up the courage to have his ass impaled and got to experience his first big cock...
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Video Description - Group of black studs having oral sex
Featured Models - Bangledesh, Dee, Casanova, Young, Damari and Intrigue
Popularity - Viewed 3492 times
There's so much black cock to gobble up in this video, you'd think we had a chocolate factory to produce so many massive tools. Watch them get lubed up and ready for some serious ass candy to come.
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Video Description - White boy enjoys two enormous black dicks
Featured Models - Castro Supreme, Izzy James and Jacob
Popularity - Viewed 3427 times
We only promise one thing here on It's Gonna Hurt and that is big black cocks. And for todays episode we invited Jacob onto the set for a double dose, because I guess one giant cock wasn't enough? At least he enjoyed the hot cum bath at the end and left us exhausted and with a red hot butt hole...
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Video Description - Black thug gets his cock sucked
Featured Models - Unknown
Popularity - Viewed 3243 times
So we were riding down the street and we saw what looked like an impala (at least that's what we thought it was). Anyway this car was all hooked up, it had the big rims, hydraulics and all that with this real gangster black guy driving. We pulled up at the light and asked him if he was interested in selling the car, he said if the price was right maybe...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Group of men having interracial sex
Featured Models - Dr O, Johnny Boy, Casanova and Maxamillion
Popularity - Viewed 2942 times
There's holes being shoved full of cock on either side of the bed in the newest chapter of our latest thug orgy video. As one hottie's ass is being hammered, another's mouth is being stretched wide with monster cock. It's a multiple show of hole-in-ones that'll have you boned up in seconds.
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Video Description - Pool boy sucks a giant black cock
Featured Models - Izzy James and Seth Roberts
Popularity - Viewed 4175 times
The recession has really hit Seth bad, he lost his job and has been looking everywhere for a new one. Finally he found a job as a pool boy but he soon finds out that his new boss Izzy James requires more from his employees then just hard work. He has a monster in his pants that requires constant attention...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Stud gets on his knees for two black men
Featured Models - Mister Buck, Dee Truth and J.R.
Popularity - Viewed 2917 times
We have a brand new black stud joining us today for his very first porn scene ever. His name is Dee Truth and we think you'll like him. Mister Buck also joins us in this episode to give our newest white boy some double trouble. Speaking of white boys, his name is J.R. and he's a damn good looking fellow. When questioned by the black studs he says he is more than ready to take on both their big black dicks at the same time. Well lets jus...
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Video Description - Latino boy sucking black cocks
Featured Models - Dynasty, Intrigue, Phenix, Quan and Riley
Popularity - Viewed 2899 times
Those Twister-loving horny fools are back for another video, and it looks like they've ditched the games to take turns on our lucky Latino's ass in this new edition. They be slamming that hole like they were playing pin the tail on the donkey, except they're pinning their hard cocks deep up his ass.