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Welcome to the archives of Black Men Fuck - Below you can find all the videos I have collected over the years of my surfing porn. Most of it is interracial (hey I like watching white boys handle a horny black stud) but there are some black on black and even some vids of black studs bottoming for a white guy. Enjoy and be sure to check back for new updates.
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Video Description - Horny black men fucking on a sofa
Featured Models - De'Vine, Metro, Thugzilla and Trap Boyy
Popularity - Viewed 6993 times
Ready for more fierce, condomless fun between this fivesome of hardcore hotties? How bout seeing Thugzilla getting sucked as one of his admirers rides a raw cock at the same time? Well you can see all of the above in this new release. It'll have you gagging for more.
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Video Description - Two black studs tag team a russian boy
Featured Models - Nicolas Burt, Johnny Boy and Peanut
Popularity - Viewed 3575 times
Today we had a Russian white boy come into the studio. He had never been with two guys before, let alone two black dudes with giant cocks. But he didn't seem too scared because he doesn't waste any time and starts sucking on those two big black cocks like a fiend. Nicolas has never had dicks this big and was a little concerned about being able to fit them both in his little white ass...
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Video Description - Buff daddy bends over for a huge cock
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and The Rock
Popularity - Viewed 3953 times
So this week we feature an older gentlemen going by the name The Rock. After showing off his muscular physique Castro walks in and reveals his monster cock. The Rock is obviously shocked, the supreme is certainly something you don't see everyday. After a quick taste and swallow The Rock bends over for his first big black cock anal pumping.
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Black stud bends over a horny white guy
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Derrick
Popularity - Viewed 5560 times
Today we had Derrick in the studio to take his turn with Castro. Derrick thought Castro's cock was photoshopped and there was no way it was as big as we make it seem. Well once Castro whipped his log of a cock out, Derrick's jaw dropped in disbelief. Next thing you know Derrick had a mouth full of man meat. Castro wasted no time and gave him what he wanted to witness: an ass pounding like none he had experienced before...
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Video Description - Black boys with big cocks sucking and fucking
Featured Models - Kobe, Mr Pipe'm, Trap Boyy and Xkape
Popularity - Viewed 4129 times
Thugzilla can't hold back any longer and dives straight into a tight black ass with his whopper in this third entry to his new orgy video. It establishes a hot spit roast for the camera as his bottom devours tool at both ends. Brace yourself, boys, this is one rough ride.
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Video Description - Tattooed boy gets surprised by a monster cock
Featured Models - Izzy James and Marxel Rios
Popularity - Viewed 5683 times
Normally people know what there getting themselves into when they sign up to shoot with us but sometimes people are so excited by the pay they forget to ask exactly what they will be doing. This was the case with Marxel, he knew he was going to be doing porn but he had no idea that he was going to be bottoming for the incredibly well hung Izzy James...
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Video Description - Black thug sucks cock in a motel lobby
Featured Models - Unknown
Popularity - Viewed 3614 times
So we today we found our black thug outside a sleazy motel. He looked and acted guilty about something but we weren't interested in that, all we wanted was his sweet black ass. He was steadfast about not being gay but once we offered the right amount he was quick to get on his knees. He might not have been gay before, but he definitely is now as our white dude busted cum all over his black ass.
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Video Description - Hot assed black boy riding cock
Featured Models - Unknown
Popularity - Viewed 4571 times
So today we were prowling a suburban basketball court on the look out for some hot black ass when we spotted a likely mark. After a little chit chat we invited him back to our place and you already know the hunter couldn't wait. He pulls the guys cock right out and shoved it in his mouth, the guy did not stop him, so it was on!
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Video Description - Black boy gets fucked in a back alley
Featured Models - Casey Monroe
Popularity - Viewed 4740 times
Our boy Casey took us up on a dare to approach a thug on the bad side of town. Amazingly enough he ended up laying down this white thunder stick into the young thugs mouth. He even managed to stick his big dick straight up his ass and pounded him dirty, dirty style in the back alleys of Overtown. Then he finished off with a little bit of dick slapping on his cheek...
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Video Description - White guy gets pumped by a massive black dick
Featured Models - Castro Supreme
Popularity - Viewed 4344 times
This week we have a cute white dude in the studio wanting to put his ass to the test. He isn't shy about showing his love for big cocks and the Supreme is the biggest he has ever seen. After an intense cock sucking session he bends over and begs Castro to fill him up...
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Video Description - Black stud gets his huge cock sucked
Featured Models - Tristan Matthews
Popularity - Viewed 5386 times
Order food back at the pad, get a little snack in the belly then offer up some thick hot chocolate cock for dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth. This fool couldn't resist my fat chocolate cock so after I fucked his face and pummeled his ass I blasted a nice little frosting treat all over his lips for good measure.
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Video Description - Interracial couple passionately make out
Featured Models - Krist Cummings and Scott Alexander
Popularity - Viewed 4936 times
Krist and Scott waste little time before they begin kissing and feeling each other up. Quicker than a Hog Tie, Scott has little Krist on his back with his legs in the air as he strips his pants off him. Scott's large frame towers over his prize as he begins to lick and suck on Krist's cock and smooth balls. Scott lets him up as he stands, giving Krist access to his pants..
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Video Description - Black thug gets his ass pumped
Featured Models - Unknown
Popularity - Viewed 3665 times
So today we were out in the hood and found this hustler with a nice black ass. After convincing him to suck cock for a hundred bucks we fed him a few hundred more and he gave up that ass. Thats what's up. So the next time your in the hood, watch your ass or else the thug hunters gonna tap it.
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Video Description - Two blak thugs share a cute white guy
Featured Models - Seth Ryan, Intrigue and Ricky Da Boss
Popularity - Viewed 4025 times
Black cock is something Seth admits he's never had before, let alone two at once and surprisingly he doesn't have any problems handling both of them. Like it always does, the dick sucking has to come to an end and the ass fucking begins. I gotta tell you, for a white boy who's never taken big, black dick before, he takes every inch of it without a whimper.