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Welcome to the archives of Black Men Fuck - Below you can find all the videos I have collected over the years of my surfing porn. Most of it is interracial (hey I like watching white boys handle a horny black stud) but there are some black on black and even some vids of black studs bottoming for a white guy. Enjoy and be sure to check back for new updates.
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Video Description - Black boy gets his hairy ass penetrated
Featured Models - Unknown
Popularity - Viewed 5712 times
When we walked up to todays mark it wasn't long into the conversation before he confessed that he had just gotten out of prison. Thats when I proposed a deal of $200 for a few short minutes of his mouth in my home boys mouth. And wouldn't you know what he would give up if when I offered him a few hundred more...
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Video Description - Cute black boy gets fucked doggie style
Featured Models - Bo Dean and Johnny
Popularity - Viewed 6373 times
So today I'm riding the bus with porn star Bo Dean. He was looking for some younger ass so when when we picked up a cute black boy he was all over it. After some persuasion and cash Bo was soon enjoying a nice wet blowjob before standing up and putting his now erect cock to use on Johnny's tight little black ass...
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Video Description - White boy swallows an enormous black cock
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Jesse
Popularity - Viewed 6931 times
Lately there seems to be a trend of quitters here on this site. Maybe it's a coincidence or perhaps it's because these guy's are all taking a Louisville Slugger up there wahzoo and aren't prepared for it. Anyhow this little white boy Jesse played the game with Castro and came out of it with a red asshole and a funny expression on his face...
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Video Description - White boy gets fucked doggie style
Featured Models - Alex Grey and Intrigue
Popularity - Viewed 5473 times
Once Intrigue gets his victim, Alex Grey, back to his lair he doesn't waste anytime with chit chat and gets right down to business. Intrigue pulls out his already hard black cock and stuffs it right into Alex's eager mouth. After Alex gets his groove on Intrigue flips him over and sinks his big black pole right into his man hole...
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Video Description - Black ghetto boy rides cock for cash
Featured Models - Unknown
Popularity - Viewed 3868 times
So we were in the hood looking for some action when we spotted this likely looking dude. We offered him cash if he were to suck my homeboys dick. Thats when Mr. Thug got from being aggressive towards us to being aggressive to the cock in his mouth. He was a total natural at taking that cock, especially in the ass, He looked like he was really enjoying it. One thing you can always count on is that in the hood is that money talks...
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Video Description - Big black man sucks off his white friend
Featured Models - Diesel Washington and Marxel Rios
Popularity - Viewed 9510 times
Marxel is on his hands and knees looking under the futon for something when Diesel walks in and is greeted by the visual of Marxel's ass in the air. "Looking for something?" Diesel asks as he comes in for a better look. "Yeah, I'm looking for a controller" Marxel says. "So am I" Diesel grins as he reaches for Marxel's ass and grabs his cock and balls...
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Video Description - Two black guys get ridden by a white boy
Featured Models - Chris Kingston, Dee Truth and Moni
Popularity - Viewed 5223 times
Dee Truth and Moni spent the day out hunting and bought back a skinny white boy named Chris Kingston. Chris has no problems taking all that black dick in him mouth and down his throat but let's see what happens when they bend him over. It's time for him to prove his worth with a good old fashioned anal penetration...
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Video Description - Tight ass gets stretched wide open
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Logan
Popularity - Viewed 6093 times
It was a tight squeeze but Castro eventually stuffed his giant black dick up Logan's tight little asshole. The initial pain was over quickly as Castro took it to him and Logan was soon gyrating his butt in time with Castro and enjoying his fucking. Castro continued slamming his ass until he sprayed nut all over Logan's face...
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Video Description - Black men sucking cocks after a card game
Featured Models - Kobe, Thugzilla, Trap Boyy and Xkape
Popularity - Viewed 5293 times
Thugzilla has managed to ensnare a whole new bunch of hotties to take part in a action-packed gangbang. He starts them off in this video with some sucking tasks, which sees him with a tongue on his nipples and cock at the same time. Looks like everyone's dining out on our star this month.
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Video Description - Black stud fills up a tight white ass
Featured Models - Kieron Ryan
Popularity - Viewed 8094 times
Our black stud spotted Kieron playing frisbee at the park. He took the frisbee and told Kieron he could get it back by servicing his big black cock. Kieron liked the sound of that and accompanied him back to the fuck pad for some hardcore interracial sex games...
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Video Description - Black thug gets fucked in a car park
Featured Models - Unknown
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So today we caught this black guy trying to steal my car. He kept on insisting it was his "cousin's" car but as soon as I mentioned police he was ready to do anything to get out of this situation. My trap had been sprung. I told him to suck off my friend Jackson and make him cum, of course you know what that means...
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Video Description - Blonde guy unveils castro's mammoth cock
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Christopher Daniels
Popularity - Viewed 8067 times
So this week we put another white dudes asshole through a savage pounding courtesy of Castro Supreme's monster cock. We all know Castro comes to work to crack asses in half for all of your entertainment and this time it was Christopher Daniels stepping up to the plate...
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Video Description - Black man nails a cute white guy
Featured Models - Blaze and XL
Popularity - Viewed 5633 times
After a brief workout Blaze sucks down XL's nice, big black cock with expertise, enjoying every dark inch. XL notices that Blaze has quite the nice piece of meat hanging too and helps himself to a taste as well. It's not long before the cock sucking isn't enough and the butt fucking begins. XL flips Blaze over onto all fours and buries his black rod all the way up in there...
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Video Description - Hung black stud fucking doggie style
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Noah Brooks
Popularity - Viewed 7215 times
Everyday we get emails asking us if Castro really has a cock that big. Well we can assure you that he does and if you don't believe us just ask Noah Brooks, Castro's latest victim. This was Noah's first interracial experience and he jumped straight into the deep end with the biggest, fattest black cock he will ever have the pleasure (and pain) of meeting...